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1 (philosophy) the doctrine that the world can be understood in scientific terms without recourse to spiritual or supernatural explanations
2 an artistic movement in 19th century France; artists and writers strove for detailed realistic and factual description [syn: realism]

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Confer naturalisme.


  1. A state of nature; conformity to nature.
  2. Metaphaphoric: The doctrine that denies a supernatural agency in the miracles and revelations recorded in the Bible, and in spiritual influences
  3. Any system of philosophy which refers the phenomena of nature as a blind force or forces acting necessarily or according to fixed laws, excluding origination or direction by an intelligent will.
  4. A doctrine which denies a strong separation between scientific and philosophic methodologies and/or topics



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Naturalism (as distinct from Naturalist, Nature and Natural) can refer to various topics within philosophy and science, environmental movements, and other areas. In philosophy and science, naturalism can refer to:
  • Naturalism (philosophy), any of several philosophical stances wherein all phenomena or hypotheses commonly labeled as supernatural, are either false or not inherently different from natural phenomena or hypotheses
    • Methodological naturalism, is the methodological assumption that observable events in nature are explained only by natural causes without assuming the existence or non-existence of the supernatural,
    • Metaphysical naturalism, a view whereby the world is amenable to a unified study that includes the natural sciences and in this sense the world is a unity.
  • Ethical naturalism, the theory that ethical terms can be defined in non-ethical terms
  • Humanistic naturalism, an outlook that places the emphasis upon a naturalism based upon scientific reasoning
  • Sociological naturalism, the view that the natural world and the social world are roughly identical and governed by similar principles
  • Naturalistic observation, an empirical method of study by which the researcher introduces no outside stimulus, instead witnessing behavior as it naturally occurs in the environment
  • Natural history, especially in older texts
Within environmental movements, naturalism can refer to:
Naturalism can also refer to:

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  • Naturism, the practice of "social nudity"
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